For three exciting days, Navelink immersed itself in the heart of maritime innovation at the Smart Maritime Annual Global Innovation Congress in Copenhagen. This dynamic event brought together industry leaders, visionaries, and organizations to explore the latest trends and technologies shaping the future of the maritime sector. 


Day 1: Setting Sail into the Future 

The congress opened its doors and Navelink was ready to absorb the wisdom and expertise shared by innovative actors within the maritime domain. As we joined fellow maritime enthusiasts, the lineup of speakers, including industry giants like Maersk, Inmarsat, and ST Engineering, promised insightful discussions on satellite communication, digitalization, and maritime safety.  You can read more about day one in this post.


Day 2: Collaboration and Inspiration 

Day two of SMAGIC’23 commenced with a captivating presentation by BIMCO, setting the stage for a day filled with knowledge-sharing and networking. The welcome keynote, delivered by the state secretary for trade and global sustainability at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, underscored the importance of collaboration in driving maritime innovation. 


Day 3: Anchoring Insights 

On the final day, the congress delved deep into digitalization with a workshop hosted by the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA). This session illuminated the path forward, emphasizing the role of digital technologies in shaping the maritime landscape. 

As the curtains fall on SMAGIC’23, Navelink extends its deep appreciation for the well-organized and inspiring event. We leave Copenhagen with valuable new insights and connections that will fuel our mission to revolutionize secure digital information exchange within the maritime sector. 

Navelink was thrilled to be part of this dynamic event, where maritime innovation took center stage. We believe in the power of collaboration and innovation to transform the industry, and the congress provided the perfect platform to connect with visionary leaders and organizations who share our passion. 


Author: Milena Dalinaros