Navelink is on location in the beautiful coastal city of Izmir, thrilled to be part of the much-anticipated CIRM Annual Conference 2023. This prestigious event, set against the backdrop of Izmir’s rich history and stunning views of the Aegean Sea, promises to be a gathering of maritime actors from near and far.

We join a distinguished lineup of experts and organizations to explore the latest developments in marine electronics, navigation, and communication. Navelink, a leading name in secure digital information exchange within the maritime sector, is proud to be among the presenters at this year’s conference. Head of Navelink, Anders Wendel, will be sharing our thoughts on the future of maritime connectivity in his speech “Navelink – The Enabler – Where Are We Heading?”

Stay tuned as we bring you updates and insights from this dynamic conference, where the future of maritime electronics will take center stage. It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with industry leaders, share knowledge, and shape the future of maritime technology.


Author: Milena Dalinaros