The Consortium

Navelink, the non-profit Industry Consortium, constituted by Kongsberg, Saab and Wärtsilä, has launched an industrialised and governed open infrastructure for secure and digital information exchange in the maritime sector. The consortium was established in December 2019.

We welcome all maritime actors interested in participating or gaining further information to contact us. Our aim is to reach a new global standard enabling scalable maritime information exchange and by that improve efficiency, safety and environmental footprint. This will only be achieved if we collaborate across the maritime community. The service has since 1 April 2020 been full operational capability.

The Symbol

The Navelink symbol is constituted by a triangle with rounded edges and vaulted sides that stands on one of its tips. A circle is placed in the middle of each vaulted side. One dotted line extends from each circle towards the triangle’s center.

The shape evokes the idea of a ship hull cross section as well as a shield. The ship hull signifies the maritime sector in which Navelink operates, while the shield represents safety and stability. The dotted lines bring to mind the nodes of a network.

You can read our PowerPoint to read up on all the details: