About Navelink

Navelink is a non-profit industry consortium, offering an industrialized and governed open infrastructure for secure digital information exchange within the maritime sector. Navelink was founded by Kongsberg, Saab and Wärtsilä in December 2019. Today it is owned by Kongsberg and Wärtsilä, and governed by Combitech. 

Navelink is an operational instance of the Maritime Connectivity Platform, MCP. Navelink is a digital infrastructure service with an Identity Registry and a Service Registry specialized for use in the maritime domain. Thanks to the use of global standards for data exchange that Navelink supports and encourages, your organization will be well-prepared for a digitized future. 

A common problem for maritime actors is having to come up with tailored solutions for information exchange depending on who they communicate with. They then need to switch communication methods each time they exchange information with a counterpart who uses a different system. This results in an expensive and fragmented ecosystem. 

Navelink enables maritime actors to share digital information in a more cost-effective way thanks to standardized data formats and procedures, as well as keeps the information exchange secure. We offer both a common maritime asset to support authentication between service producer and consumer, and also a common place to expose and search for services to consume.


Identity Registry

Please do share data, but keep it protected withNavelink. Through our Identity Registry, we provide a higher level of security for digital communication. We accomplish this by issuing unique identity certificates to our members which they use to verify their identity and sign their sensitive communication. In this way, both the sender and the receiver of information feel safe knowing that they are communicating with the intended party. Our Identity Registry complies with authority regulations, as well as their recommendations, and follows global data format standards compatible with pre-existing equipment.


Service Registry

Navelink offers access to maritime services conveniently accessible on one common digital platform for Navelink users. Through our Service Registry, we function as a major enabler for service developers and service consumers to connect with each other. Our Service Registry benefits both service providers and consumers by gathering all services conveniently in one place. Thanks to standardized data formats, services are made compatible with the user’s ECDIS as well as interoperable with other relevant services.   

Around 80 operational services are released, such as ship services, navigational warnings, VTS services, port and pilot services. Thanks to the standardized data formats used by all services, an integrated presentation of the whole picture is displayed comfortably on the chosen screen of the user.   


Navelink’s symbol

The Navelink symbol is constituted by a triangle with rounded edges and vaulted sides that stands on one of its tips. A circle is placed in the middle of each vaulted side. One dotted line extends from each circle towards the triangle’s center. 

The shape evokes the idea of a ship hull cross section as well as a shield. The ship hull signifies the maritime sector in which Navelink operates, while the shield represents safety and stability. The dotted lines bring to mind the nodes of a network.


Scalable for the future

Navelink is scalable, making it possible to enroll no matter the current size of your organization. Today there are around 16 organizations connected, such as ship operators, maritime administrations, logistics companies and port actors. Contact us to learn more about how to join this group of future-oriented maritime actors and take part in forming the future of the maritime domain. 


You can read our PowerPoint to read up on all the details: