On the 27th of October, Navelink held the monthly Developer Forum. The participants at this event are stakeholders and representatives from the maritime industry, maritime authorities and academia, for example CIMNE, Costa, Cyprus University of Technology, Kongsberg and Sternula.

Developer forum is a digital event where the Navelink team shares our development progress and coming focus areas. Through this forum we wish to increase transparency and encourage a closer relationship with our partners and customers.

For November, one of the prioritized development activities will be finishing the latest implementation of the G1128 XML schemas, which are the foundation for Navelink’s Service Registry to register and search for services to consume. The IALA guideline (G1128) is updated to allow more explicit references to the data product exchanged in the service. Future updates are foreseen to incorporate design templates for increased stability in implementations.

Since Navelink is growing, and we are still in the phase where several new services are yet to be added, there is a unique possibility for our users to affect the future development of Navelink to be optimally aligned to their needs. It is essential for us that our end users feel the positive impact on their day to day operations thanks to enrolling Navelink.

Continuously getting to know our customers better, we feel inspired of their willingness to take on responsibility for their environmental footprint, resulting in high sustainability goals for their operations, which demands an extraordinary degree of innovation and adaptability to change. We see how readily they embrace change and set fast-paced goals when it comes to digitization and cyber security. It is essential for us that enrolling Navelink will benefit our customers’ goals, both regarding sustainability and their digitization journeys.

To benefit the most from participating in the Developer Forum, we encourage our customers to reflect on their current use of Navelink. What do you find the most valuable? What challenges does it not yet address? How can we make it even better?

In short, the Developer Forum is a great opportunity for our customers to affect the future course of Navelink. We welcome feedback on existing services as well as suggestions for future services.

Our next Developer Forum will be held on the 24th of November 2022 at 14:00h CET. For this event we have invited Stefan Pielmeier from Sternula to update us on recent changes to VDES and MMS.

See you next time.

Navelink team


Author: Milena Dalinaros