During Navelink’s latest Developer forum, on the 23rd of March 2023, some of the topics up for discussion were the ongoing work in working groups regarding digitalization and standardization of the maritime domain, development of MMS and VDES, a SECOM hotel and general questions concerning maritime services. These topics are covered in this article. The forum was also guested by Peter Bergljung from SAAB who held a presentation about VDES, which you can read more about in the previous article. 


Discussions About Working Groups for Digitalization and Standardization 

The ongoing digitalization and standardization of the maritime domain impacts the majority of maritime actors. Many actors are collaborating in different working groups around these topics. This enables the gathering of several perspectives when making decisions moving forward. Navelink is engaged in several working groups to ensure being up to date with the ongoing work to communicate this to our users. In the MCC working groups, especially MMS WG, where Navelink is involved, there is currently ongoing work on creating support for VDES and MCP. If you are interested in this work, please contact us: info@navelink.org 


Further Discussion About Services 

Some of the questions that are being discussed when it comes to the future development of our registered services are: 

  • Will the same user authentication and data authentication be applied in all types of services? 
  • Will the same service specification be used even though different service designs could be used based on REST, MMS, SOAP, VDES? 
  • Will there be a mix of REST and MMS services? 
  • Will there be bridges between the different types of services? 
  • Considering that REST services are registered and used in Navelink today, how will the MMS service be registered in the Service Registry? 
  • What is a VDES Service? Is it correct to call it a VDES Service? 

The discussions about REST, MMS and VDES are of continuing interest. Navelink follows and supports the development of new service specifications and designs. The development of REST, MMS and VDES is followed from a Navelink perspective.  

A possible addition to Navelink’s services is a SECOM hotel. The idea is that users can rent a SECOM service from Navelink but the service provider will be the owner of the service. If this sounds like a valuable addition and you are interested in us adding this, please contact us: info@navelink.org 


Navelink’s next Developer Forum will take place on the 27th of April 2023 at 14:00 CET.  


Author: Milena Dalinaros