Fintraffic is renewing their enrollment within Navelink until at least the beginning of 2024. 

Fintraffic provides and develops traffic control and management services. They control and manage traffic on land, in the air and at sea, with the goal of improving the safety and smoothness of traffic and reducing emissions. They are operating under the ownership of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. 

Fintraffic’s services support the mobility of citizens, the needs for transport of commerce and the operations of safety authorities. Fintraffic provides traffic information that helps companies create new traffic and smart mobility solutions for people and goods as they are using road, rail, airplane, or maritime traffic for transportation. 

Regarding maritime traffic, Fintraffic’s Vessel Traffic Services, VTS, prevented 21 groundings in 2022, some along the coast of Finland and some in the control area of international waters under Finnish responsibility. This can be seen in the recently published annual report on grounding prevention by Fintraffic’s Vessel Traffic Services. 

Fintraffic’s Vessel Traffic Services aim to ensure the safety, smoothness, and competitiveness of maritime traffic on the Finnish coast, in nearby international waters and on the Saimaa deep fairway. They are also working towards the emergence of smart maritime traffic in Finland as well as maintains and develops one of the world’s largest maritime traffic management systems. 

By promoting the development of the traffic ecosystem, digitalization, and the introduction of intelligent traffic services, Fintraffic aims at producing major benefits for the whole of society, such as improved traffic safety, reduced traffic emissions, improved company logistics and cost-efficient mobility.  

Navelink is happy to be a part of Fintraffic’s journey towards their vision for 2030, where they aim at providing the world’s safest, smoothest, and most environmentally friendly traffic through intelligent services. 


Author: Milena Dalinaros